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Intro post

It's official, we've set a date, and he's planning the wedding, in theory...
Name: marence
Future intended: drebleloaw
When's the party happening: 10/14/07
Where: somewhere in Northeast Ohio
How did you meet: I had started volunteering at a charity haunted house, and I saw him across the makeup room. Our eyes met, thunder, lightning, insert your favorite "love at first sight" cliche here. During the run of the house, he was guiding the DJ from a local radio station who was doing a simulcast (and was an old friend of his) through the haunted house. He jumped over the rail of the room I was working in, swept me into his arms, and bit my neck in just the right place to make my knees buckle. He dropped me to the floor, and ducked out of the room, laughing maniacally. I lay on the floor, stunned and in love. Meanwhile, the DJ and a line of customers had stopped to watch the "act" and burst into applause. [After we set the date, we looked up the date of our first "encounter" - it was 10/14/94. Our wedding will be 14 years to the date that we met.]
How long have you been together: 12 years
Pretty Princess or Alterna-Bride: alterna-princess? Make that alterna-queen.
What's the thing you're most looking forward to about your wedding: Getting a new corset and cool matching rings. And officially being a life-partner.
Detail you're obsessing about that probably no one will give a crap about: The skirt to my dress, and how to get exactly what I want without having to spend a fortune on it.


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May. 25th, 2007 05:10 am (UTC)
LOVE the story of how you met!!! welcome!
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