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Mar. 30th, 2007

Ooohkay, so I evidently "won" a vacation thingie from American Standard at the bridal show this weekend.

However, in order to claim it, I have to go to a 90 min "presentation" for American Standard cookware.

I don't mind doing this if it's a legitimate vacation. Heck, even if it's just a hotel stay, I'm okay with that.

I'm NOT okay with going to a hard sell thing and getting ripped off in the end.

Do any of you have any experiance with this?



Sorry for double posting, guys, but I need some advice here.

I work in a relatively small department. There are probably 12 of us total. I thought we all got along and liked each other well enough. However, today, I found out that one of my co-workers had a party for her child's birthday and invited some people from the team. I was NOT one of them.

I had intended on inviting everyone to my wedding seeing as I've been planning the whole thing here at work. I'm not so sure anymore.

There's alot of back biting that goes on around here...rumors and such, nothing that has been confirmed...so I'm to the point where I want to just tell them all where they can go.

Should I just leave the guest list as is or should I save myself a couple hundred bucks and tell these lovely people sayonara?

235 Days and counting

Okay, here's a list of things that I have accomplished:

My finacé whimpered with every dollar I spent...Collapse )

I'm sure there are things that I'm forgetting. I'm going to make a list and then make another post.

OMG! Just over 7 months!! Ack!!

Wedding pictures and review

The professional pictures from my February 10th wedding are in (well, in the online gallery)!!

We got married in Sarasota, FL. Our wedding planning was really smooth. The only major problem that we had was our caterer (a family friend) backing out with no notice four days before the wedding. Hubby's mom ended up making all the food...everyone complimented it and had no idea!!

We did so many things DIY: invitations and save the dates, bouquets/bouts/corsages, decorations, hair and makeup, favors (blank cds and decorated envelopes...more details in advice), food, music (laptop) and we had a friend (who is actually responsible for us meeting) marry us. Overall, including venue, I would say that our wedding cost around $8,000. All of the hard work was so worth it.

The wedding went really really smoothly. I was trying to stick to a timeline, but was just getting stressed over it. By the time of the reception introduction, I was over it. After that, it was a "whatever happens, happens...whatever doesn't, doesn't" policy. We didn't do the bouquet or garter tosses or the first dance/parent dances...and no one missed them!

Here is the link and instructionsCollapse )

My advice...it got kind of longCollapse )


Photographer As you can tell, he was amazing. He was really nice and funny too.
Edward Holtzman

Flowers We were really pleased with our wholesale. A few of the flowers (ranunculus) weren't what I thought they were, and they even refunded me for the ranunculus that I wasn't 100% happy with (only a few out of the bunches that I ordered).
2G Roses

Plants We used two vendors and were very very happy with both.
Tropiflora (centerpieces...exotic bromeliads) http://www.tropiflora.com/
Nandell Plants (palms and ferns)

Invitation printing Custom postcards with uploaded images...very pleased

Dress Not impressed!!
Butterflies Bridal

Crinoline Very pleased!!

So Sayeth I.

we were discussing how crazy we would be the day before the wedding (running around, setting things up, turning in papers...)

kate: so is this the closest approximation of what it will be like when we have kids?
me: well, we'll be commanding a small army of people who can't wipe their asses without us.

not that we don't love our bridesmaids. and mothers.

Calling all Graphic Designers!

I'm designing my wedding programs, and I've come into a font issue. I'd like to use a relatively fancy font for our names, but FH is "the second." i.e., he has a roman numeral 2 (II) at the end of his name. The double I tends to look odd with fancier fonts. Has anyone else dealt with this issue? How did you resolve it? I was thinking either I could just go with a plainer font (Times New Roman, serifs, etc.) for our names, or use a fancy font for our names, but a plain font for the "II."

In other words, how do I have our names stand out without having the "II" look awkward?

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Book recommendation

Hey ladies (and gents), just wanted to recommend the book that the FI and I are reading together, on our pastor's recommendation.  (It's part of all the pre-marital counseling stuff, which we are actually enjoying!) 

The book is "The Five Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman.  I'm sure many of you have already heard of it, but I just wanted to put in my two cents and say that it's really good and helps you to really think about the ways you and your (future) spouse communicate and help each other to feel loved.


Crossposted all over town, because, dude!

So Teh Fiancé and I sat down the other night and made a list of all our monthly expenses and allowed for "fun money" and incidentals like batteries and oil changes, and then we figured out how much money we'll bring in over the course of twelve months what with student loans and part-time jobs (I'll be getting one at the end of the semester and keeping it at least over the course of next year), and we figured out that, over the course of the year from this June to next June, we can save between $10,000 and $12,000. So we're moving up our date from June 20, 2009, to June 21, 2008.

Now, I had wanted to post about this the other night after we discussed it, but FH was waiting on notification from the state regarding his unemployment benefits. He was working for Manpower, Manpower offered him a job at $8/hour that was 63 miles away, he tried to find it and couldn't and finally told them he couldn't really afford to work that far away for that little anyway, they never offered him another assignment and after like a month he applied for unemployment and started looking for other jobs. Manpower told the state he quit and lied to them about some other things regarding a previous job offer (his alarm hadn't gone off and they had refused to set up another interview; Manpower told the state he said, "My alarm didn't go off, so I don't want the job anymore"), and for a couple of months now this thing has been hanging over our heads because if the state decided he wasn't entitled to his benefits they could conceivably have required him to pay their maximum $7000 fine.

So yesterday he gets a notice in the mail that, basically, Manpower had no right to expect him to drive that far for that little and he's entitled to his benefits, which he's still receiving because his current job doesn't make nearly as much money as the last assignment he actually worked at for Manpower. So not only do we not have to come up with $7000, but for the next month or so we've got a little bit more money coming in than we had actually planned for.


So I received a packet in the mail from Maxfield's Inn and Restaurant, and their buffets (and if we chose to go with family style, it would be the same price) start at $10/person including non-alcoholic beverages. We'd probably add on another entrée choice, china, and table linens, which would bring it up to $12/person, and the rental of their tent is $500 on a Saturday night. From the way the packet is worded it looks like they do wedding cakes, too, at $2/slice, and that they require you to use their cake baker, which means our cake would cost like $200 (to my sister's cake's $425--score!), so I called them yesterday and set up an appointment for us to go meet with a woman named Cheryl next Sunday at 4:00.

So this week is my spring break, and I'm going to be doing my research as to A) what kinds of questions I need to be asking at this meeting and B) how to negotiate to try to get a better deal. Don't get me wrong, this is the best deal I've seen in the area so far, but if I can get them to throw in decoration-y stuff or like chair covers or something, you know I'll do it.

The other thing I'm starting to do is think about save-the-dates and engagement pictures, not necessarily in that order. Ideally I'd be able to put our engagement announcement in the paper in June, so I'm going to do some photographer research over the next couple of months. And as far as save-the-dates go, I would probably start sending them out next January, but I've got to rearrange the budget to allow for them because I haven't been planning for them so far.

Of course, we're going to be able to save more money than I had thought. Plus my parents want to contribute, which means I might be able to get someone else to make my invitations, and save me the trouble of fighting with FH's printer. And which definitely means there will be room in the budget for save-the-dates, but now I have to figure out what I want them to look like. I saw someone's vintage postcard-looking ones with a Van Gogh on the back; I forget who that was, but those were really cute.

So, we're still going to keep the wedding itself somewhere between $5-7,000, and then take a really fancy honeymoon, maybe at Sandals Whitehouse. (Those of you who have been to all-inclusives, tell me which ones are really awesome; we don't want to have to bring money for food.) FH likes Hawaii but since we're in Michigan it's so much for airfare that it's almost not even worth it.

Also, people getting married in Michigan, rec me your officiants. We want a civil ceremony with no mention of anything religious whatsoever. We're going to have to start talking to people soon so we can be sure both our officiant and our site are available on our date. :D

DIY Programs

I'm definitely leaning toward making wedding programs like the one devoosha posted in this thread:

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I'd like to know what programs or templates you guys used (or will use). The latest version of MSOffice I have is '97, so MSOffice templates are out. If anyone knows of any OpenOffice templates, I'd greatly appreciate them!

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Bridesmaid Dresses

All of my bridesmaids have come to a decision, yay! After the MOH decided on her dress, I told the others to get something from Alfred Angelo in lavender, as long as it wasn't longer than the MOH's dress. I gave four suggestions, and each went with one of them:

MOH (Alfred Angelo 6455)

pictures are small and lj-cut for your pleasureCollapse )

But yay! That's another task down!